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• Examine key aspects related to the making and implementation of NEP-2020.

• Analyze the impact on the system and processes in education due to Covid-19.

• Identify and deliberate on barriers and drivers for industry and academia relations.

• Sustainable engagement of students in digital education.

• Highlight common challenges faced, solutions provided and lessons learnt during the Covid-19 crisis in   ensuring continuity of inclusive quality learning and wellbeing.

• Bring synergy between institutions providing education in rural and urban; rich and poor; school and   university education; domestic and international.

• Sensitize policymakers, Teachers, Parents, and education providers or practitioners.

• Discuss the promising models or programes (High-tech, Low-tech or no-tech) to reach the most   disadvantaged learners.

• Strengthen the capacity of education providers and practitioners on their skills to interact and engage   with parents.

Our Expected Outcomes

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• Making NEP 2020 a reality

• Roadmap for bridging the relationship between academia and industry

• A workable roadmap for sustainable and productive education through local, regional and global    partnerships between education institutions, industries and government.

• Converting Indian education from ‘GOOD’ to ‘BETTER’ and/or ‘BEST’

• Skills and entrepreneurship education at secondary level

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• Policymakers/education planners,School,college,university boards/authorities

• Ambassadors / High Commissioners

• World’s renowned educationists / education practitioners, philanthropists

• National & International Development Organizations

• Civil society organizations, Universities and research institutes members

• Data protection and privacy enforcement authorities

• Edu-tech companies

• Students and parents

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Draft programme

India Standard Time (IST)

Inaugural Session

2:00pm – 3:30pm

Session 1

National Education Policy 2020 – Outlining India’s Future Education Roadmap

• Key highlights, reforms and its impact after announcement

• Implementation roadmap and way forward

• Role of other stakeholders (states, regional organisations, private education organisations)

3:30pm- 5:00pm

Session 2

World’s Best Educational Systems – International Best Practices

- Education models of countries providing best education

- International best practices and lesson

- Implementation roadmap to adopt global best pr


Session 3

Education-to-Industrialization: School-University-Industry integration for Sustainable and Productive Education

- Building synergy between education and industrialization

- Foster an industry-led-education system

- Define a roadmap


End of Day 1

Session 4

Digital Disruption in Education – Benefits for India and Cyber Security

• Leveraging digital disruption for sustainable, productive, equitable and inclusive education

• Privacy and security of learners and their data

• Measures for the special risks of women and girls

2:00- 3:30pm

Session 5

Grassroots Education Providers and Their Best Practices – Global & Local

• How is their model impacting society positively?

• Rural Educators and their challenges during the

• How can they be integrated in public & private education system

1300 - 1430 Hrs

Session 6

Framework for Safe campus and Curriculum Rationalization

• Remedial strategies and interventions when schools reopen to ensure adequate curriculum implementation

• Safety measures – accidental, criminal, crime again girl child

• Smooth curriculum transition that is industry friendly


Session 7

Focus on Women & Special Children for Equitable, inclusive and Sustainable Education

• An all women panel

• Voice of women educationists & Special Children

• Special initiatives to educate girls and special children


End of Day 2

Session 8

Building Synergy in education within South Asia

• Building synergy in education within South Asia

• Education to industry linkages in the region

• Promote students and academia exchanges,

11:30am- 12:30pm

Session 9

Impact of Covid-19 on Cross Border Education

• What is happening to international students?

• Are they receiving support from national education systems?

• How are teachers addressing the challenges related to the learning and achievement of their international students?


State Sessions

Best practices 2:30pm-4:30pm

Valedictory Session

Award Ceremony


1) Best Performing School In Pre Primary Genre

2) Best Performance of CBSE / ICSE Schools

3) Best Teacher Award


End of Conference




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